In Greek the meaning of nostalgia is the pain from an old wound. It’s a twinge from your heart far more powerful than the memory alone. Photography is a time machine, goes backwards and forwards , round and round, taking us to a place where we ache to go again, the place where we know we are loved.


After completing Foundation Studies in Fine Art at Falmouth School of Art in 1980, Danny painted murals on canvas for a hospice in the East End. Working from transparencies taken locally, he taught himself how to make Cibrachrome prints from the slides as reference material to paint from.

In 1983, Danny launched Matchless Prints Ltd in Clerkenwell Road, London, following the support of Terry Donovan, who encouraged him to go into business, despite his lack of formal training and disregarding the fact he was only 23. This bold move at such a young age set the tone for one of the most innovative, passionate, and quality photographic printers around.


From the beginning, Danny produced creative prints that utilized different filtrations to the norm. He is credited with being the first printer to use the technique of “painting with light” on black and white Polapan transparencies to produce complex color prints.His reputation grew quickly and his career bloomed with the rise of colour photography. It’s fair to say he was an integral part of it. His passion, commitment to perfection, and innovative techniques earned him a clientele of the greatest names in photography.

Danny has printed works for photographers such as David Hiscock, Linda McCartney, Eve Arnold, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Calum Colvin, tim Page, Corinne Day, Ian mcKell, Brian Aris, The Douglas Brothers, Terry O’Neil, David Bailey, Barry Lategan and Terrence Donovan.

Panorama Magazine called Danny the “Master of Polopan Printing”. Danny was the first color printer to win the Ilford Printer of the Year Award in 1993.


  • 1987- Ilford Photographic Awards, Highly Commended in the Advertising and Fashion Category (x2)
  • 1987 – Ilford Photographic Awards, Printer of the Year, Fashion and Advertising
  • 1992- Ilford Photographic Awards, Highly Commended in the Advertising and Fashion Category (x2)
  • 1992- Ilford Photographic Awards, an award in the the Advertising and Fashion Category
  • 1993- Ilford Photographic Awards, Highly Commended in the Electronic Imaging Category
  • 1993- Ilford Photographic Awards, an award in the General Folio Category
  • 1993- Ilford Photographic Awards, an award in the Industrial and Commercial Category
  • 1993- Ilford Photographic Awards, Title and Trophy Ilfochrome Printer of the Year, Professional Colour Imaging
  • 1994 – The British Picture Editor’s Awards, two awards.

Exhibitions and Book Launches (Printing Credits)

Linda McCartney Sixties:Portrait of an Era September 1992 Book was launched with the exhibition. Color prints (cibachrome) printed. (Pete Trew did the black and white prints)
Exhibition Live Aid Exhibition of Cibachromes to launch the book from the event.Sponsored by Ilford.
Exhibition Eve Arnold July 1993 Retrospective. Cibachrome Prints. London and traveled to New York. She launched her book, “Inretrospect” Exhibition Gian Paolo Barbieri September 2007 Retrospective Palazzo Reale Milano and launch of book, Gian Paolo Barbieri published by Motta


Paul Smith 22 April 2008 All prints ink on Hahnemuhle paper.
David Hiscock “Transmutations” 15 October 2008 (at Paul Smith) 15 October 2008Monoprint on Hahnemuhle paper
Elk – 20 years of unseen images Soho29 September 2007
They’re not laughing now October 2010 Andrew Catlin, Matrix. Fish Gallery, Hastings


David Bailey ‘Havana’2006 Printed all the color images for the book by hand on ‘C’ type paper. Published by Steidl
Derrick Santini, Persona
David Hiscock
Kevin MacIntosh The Bolshoi Ballet
David Bailey Havana all colour images printed by hand on ‘C’ type paper. Published by Steidl.
Heston Blumenthall Cookbook – Andy Sewell
Eve Arnold Retrospect
Eve Arnold Marilyn Monroe
Gian Paolo Barbieri published by Motta
Linda McCartney Sixties
Ray Petri Buffalo
Live Aid

Print donations

Michael Stipe, photographer Andrew CatlinBerlin Art Museum. Monoprint on Hahnemuhle paper.
Vivienne Westwood 1991 Photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri. National Portrait Gallery. Monoprint on Hahnemuhle paper.

In the National Portait Gallery

Andrew Catlin – Sinead O Connor
2006 Giles Price – WW1 Vets –
2008 Gian Paolo Barbieri – Vivienne Westwood –
Derrick Santini –
Eddie Otchere


Danny is currently printing in Italy and working with David Hiscock on the ’50 Transmutations’ Project.