the archive


Danny’s archive is unique in a number of regards.

The collection contains Cibachrome through colour negative and mono prints, as well as some donated black and white bromides; a reflection of the work produced before digital, with a relevance to today as it was then. Through the years I have printed for and worked with a spectrum of people: from those who went on to experience great critical acclaim, to those who passed through my dark room following personal passions.  The archive as a total collection represents this and I believe that the power of the collection’s narrative comes from giving equal weight and respect to all these voices.

jack pope 2018

Danny is a world class and award winning photographic printer. Based in London and Milan over the past three decades, he serviced an international and clientele of the most gifted and important names in photography, across art, fashion, music, advertising.

He printed many of the iconic images of fashion, art, music, and advertising through the 80s, 90s and 00s. Danny has printed works for photographers such as Linda McCartney, Tim Page, Eve Arnold, Andrew Catlin, David Hiscock, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Calum Colvin, Corinne Day, Ian McKell, Brian Aris, The Douglas Brothers, Terry O’Neil, David Bailey, Barry Lategan and Terence Donovan – to name but a few of the photographers represented in this unique collection.

He is a master of colour printing, and his prints are all exquisitely beautiful. His archive is an unparalleled showcase of the history of colour film printing during these three decades.

His legacy spans the rise of colour film photography, in which he played an instrumental part and showcases the different printing techniques and papers used in the different decades through to the demise of film and the rise of digital. Now coming full circle with the interest in analogue now returning, the ‘grammar of photography’.

Danny pioneered the wave of cibrachrome printing, taking the under-utilised format and producing hand prints. His career took off with this innovation.

He then printed through the decade of cibrachrome prints and c-types, then c-types primarily, and now primarily digital. He is described as one of the rare few who has been able to translate the skills of traditional wet printing to the digital domain, taking digital printing to a new level. Tim Page said that Danny sprinkled his photographs with gold dust.

The archive consists of more than 250 highest quality prints, some on papers that are no longer available.

cibachrome’s c-types  black and white bromide prints polapan images on cibachrome and mono prints